VERY IMPORTANT information to know before your appointment at KKV!

24 hours before your appointment, please fill out THIS COVID-19 SURVEY. 

If the link doesn't work, please visit our website's Home page. 

Please arrive for your appointment 5-10 minutes before the start of your booking.

When you arrive, text KKV @ 856-271-9657 to check in and let us know that you have parked.

Please give us the following information:

~ Name the appointment is under

~ What time your appointment is for

~ If you have an appointment with a specific Stylist

- We will text you back from this number to let you know when it is time for you to enter the salon for your appointment.

PLEASE- DO NOT ENTER THE SALON until we text you to do so.

-If the person bringing the child(ren) does not have texting ability, please ask them to call the mainline at (856)-770-9292 to check-in, and we will wave them in when the time comes.

ONLY ONE PARENT AND THE CHILD(REN) RECEIVING SERVICES MAY ENTER THE SALON, which is a State Guideline, and we will be enforcing it. The ONLY exception that will be made is if a child has a PRIVATE APPOINTMENT and requires a Special Needs support person. Please make note of this when scheduling your appointment. 

Everyone 3 and over MUST wear a mask unless medically unable.

Upon entering the salon, everyone's temperature will be taken, and hand sanitizer will be provided.

~ If any one person in your party has a temperature of 100.4 or above, the entire party will be asked to leave the salon and rebook in14 days.

Our salon is set up differently for spacing, and please chat with your child(ren) about this, so they are not too surprised.

CAPES:  We have a ONE hair cape per child/family rule! Once the cape is used, the stylist will place it in a closed container. The capes are washed with bleach and dried on high heat that night.

CLEANING: The used salon chairs and register system are cleaned after each use with 70%-90% isopropyl alcohol and a disposable paper towel. The seating areas are cleaned with soapy water and a disposable paper towel. You can find hand sanitizer upon entry and at the front desk. Hand soap can be found at each shampoo bowl and in the restroom. Please do not turn on the shampoo sinks without the assistance of a stylist. 

PRODUCTS: You will notice our product shelves are empty. You can find Hair Shots, Wet Brushes, and Paul Mitchell products at the front desk behind the plexiglass. The hair bows and masks we have for sale can be found hanging from the product shelf wrapped individually in plastic. Please do not handle them unless you have used hand sanitizer immediately before handling. 

MASKS: Masks are mandatory for everyone entering the salon age 3 and up unless it is medically impossible. If you would like a disposable mask for your child we can sell one to you. Please ask for one when you check-in via text. It will be ready for you upon entry.

LOLLIPOPS: (The Holy Grail) Lollipops will be in a closed, clear Tupperware container. The container will be out of site unless asked for by a parent. Children will be asked what color lollipop they would like, and one of the STAFF members will hand YOU, the parent, the lollipop with tongs. PLEASE chat with your child and explain to them they can NOT open it until they have left the salon.

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